Established in 2022, this distinguished award acknowledges two exceptional physician- scientists from the DOM and PePSTP. The recipients of this award will receive $10,000/each to support their lab research. These awards will be presented each year at the Kornfeld Physician-Scientist Lecture

2023 Kornfeld Fellows

Ryan Day, MD, PhD

Instructor in Medicine

Medical School: Washington University

Fellowship: Hematology/Oncology

Mentor: Timothy Ley, MD

Research Interests: Hematologic malignancies and Mechanisms of leukemogenesis

Ellen Schill, MD, PhD

Ellen Schill, MD, PhD

Clinical Trainee; Department of Pediatrics

Medical School:

Fellowship: Newborn Medicine

Mentor: Rodney Newberry, MD


2022 Kornfeld Fellows

Laura Marks, MD, PhD

Laura Marks, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Medical School: University of Buffalo

Mentor: Jeffrey Henderson, MD, PhD

Research Interests: the pathophysiology of invasive staphylococcal disease in PWID using genomic epidemiology and molecular biology models

Suong Nguyen, MD, PhD

Suong Nguyen, MD, PhD

Instructor in Pediatrics

Medical School: University of Texas-Southwestern, Dallas, TX

Mentor: Daniel Goldberg, MD, PhD

Research Interests: