• Length of Program:  6-7 years
  • Participates in ERAS
  • Access to internationally acclaimed hospitals, clinics and laboratories

 Program Structure

Clinical Training

Internal Medicine Training: Trainees will complete their internship and junior resident years within the Categorical Internal Medicine Training Program. Trainees are highly encouraged to participate in the American Board of Internal Medicine Clinical Investigator Track (i.e., short-track) and begin their subspecialty fellowship training during their third post-graduate year (PGY3) in lieu of their senior resident year in Internal Medicine. Trainees pursuing careers in academic dermatology will complete their PGY1 year within an appropriate primary care training program (at Washington University or elsewhere) before beginning their clinical training in dermatology.

Clinical Fellowship Training

Trainees will complete the clinical training that is required for the subspecialty that they have selected. For most trainees, this occurs during the first year of their clinical fellowship. A trainee’s matriculation into the clinical fellowship programs of their choice is guaranteed upon acceptance into the PSTP.

Research Training

The selection of an appropriate post-doctoral training environment is critical to the success of the trainee. To assist this critical selection process, trainees will be guided by current and former PSTP members, PSTP directors and other experienced investigators. Trainees can undertake their post-doctoral research training in any laboratory at Washington University.


Trainees can enroll in or audit courses offered through the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences covering every aspect of contemporary biomedical research. All trainees will enroll in an Ethics in Biomedical Research course required by the National Institutes of Health. Additional coursework will be coordinated on an individual basis.

Seminar Series

Trainees will participate in three seminar series focused on research in medicine.

  • Seminar Series in Molecular Medicine. This series will be centered on reviews of recent developments in molecular medicine. In addition, senior trainees will discuss their research at this monthly forum.
  • Discussion in Medical Research. Conjoint seminar series with the MD-PhD (MSTP) program in which faculty members at Washington University discuss their research programs and career paths.
  • PSTP Work in Progress. Physician-scientists from programs throughout the medical center will participate in a monthly work in progress seminar series during which trainees in the research phases of their training will present their ongoing research to their colleagues.
  • Annual PSTP Symposium. Senior trainees will present their work at the annual PSTP Symposium.
  • Division of Physician-Scientists workshops and seminar. Trainees are invited to participate in the newly formed Division of Physician-Scientists programming. This is available to all medical center trainees with an interest in the physician-scientist pathway.  Programming includes career development discussions, research talks, grant preparation advice and K08 mock study sections.
  • Trainees are also invited to attend the weekly Seminar Series offered by the various Programs within the Graduate Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences.