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Physician-Scientist Training Excellence

The Oliver Langenberg Physician-Scientist Training Program in the Department of Medicine trains physicians for careers in academic medicine.


8/15/22New Kornfeld Post-Bac Scholar Program Launched

8/1/22Laura Marks and Suong Nguyen, recipients of the 2022 Mallinckrodt Kornfeld Fellowship Award

PSTP WIP Meetings to resume September 15, 2022

7/6/22: Congratulations to David Russler-Germain! David was inducted into the class of 2022  Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Honor Medical Society.

Our Commitment

  • To develop a personalized program of combined clinical and research training that addresses each trainee’s requirements
  • To link trainees with postgraduate research mentors during residency to ease the transition from clinical to laboratory research training. The program’s affiliation with the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences at Washington University can accommodate a broad depth and breadth of potential research interests
  • To provide an outstanding training experience that facilitates career progression from trainee to independent investigator
  • To respect principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and fairness that are worthy of all physician-scientists and our profession

Our Alumni

This program was the first of its kind in the nation, founded in 1998 by Stuart Kornfeld, MD. As of June 1, 2022, our program has 33 current trainees. There are 68 alumni, of whom 40 remain on the faculty here at Washington University (8 Instructors, 16 Assistant Professors, 11 Associate Professors and 5 Professors). Of the remaining 28, 18 are on the faculties of other prominent medical schools, 8 are in private practice, and 2 work full time in Pharma. Twenty-two of our trainees have successfully competed for K08 or K99 awards, and of those who have submitted R01s, all have been successful.

The PSTP has proven to be a very impactful program for the Department of Medicine. It has provided mentorship and an environment that facilitates the development of the next generation of physician-scientists

Stuart Kornfeld, MD
David C. and Betty Farrel Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Founding Director of the Department of Medicine PSTP
Former PSTP Director

News and Events

José Saenz, MD, PhD, awarded the 2022 Young Physician Scientist Award on behalf of the ASCI

José Saenz, MD, PhD, awarded the 2022 Young Physician Scientist Award on behalf of the ASCI

Dr. José Sáenz trained as a physician-scientist at the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine where he learned to frame basic science questions in a broader clinical context. While his initial research interests were varied, he ultimately became drawn to microbial pathogenesis and the ability of bacteria to manage and exploit interactions with […]